Pack lunch is an informational website for people who feed (or are interested in feeding) a species-appropriate diet to their carnivorous companion animals — dogs, cats, and ferrets. As awareness increases about raw-food diets being a safe, viable, and healthy alternative to commercially produced processed pet foods, so do the number of websites devoted to the topic. There are many that cover ‘what’ and ‘how’, but in my opinion there are too few that address ‘why’. To impart not only the procedure, but a fuller understanding of the foundation — biology, physiology, history, even politics and economics — is the goal of Pack Lunch; A little more substance for those who want it.

About Pack Lunch (image: Meridian chompin' on a pig foot)

Who is Pack Lunch?

I’m Anika and I started this website in 2006 as a subdomain of my main site. It was mostly for the ease of sharing my favorite links, recommendations, and local raw food resources with online communities in which I was active. Over the years it has grown to include my own writings inspired by the common topics on the forums I frequented and my interractions with clients. I revamped the site in 2012 and made a switch to this format, which I hope is easier to navigate and encourages discussion. In 2014 Pack Lunch finally got its own URL, and here we are!About Pack Lunch (image: Anika and Meridian)

I started feeding my pack of three dogs a raw diet in April of 2005 and have never looked back to processed food. As an avid critical thinker I’ve never in my life been satisfied with a ‘don’t think about it, just do it’ approach. Raw feeding became not just a diet choice but a mission given the relative lack of information — they whys — behind raw feeding out there. The information provided within the pages of Pack Lunch is the culmination of hours upon hours, and years upon years, of research, observation, and experience.

You can read more about my story with the dogs who started it all in a series of three articles, The Original Kitchen WolvesPart I, Part II, and Part III.

Why should I trust the content of Pack Lunch?

I believe that common sense and the understanding of basic principles belies common knowledge and popular science. I am a firm believer in an empirical approach which augments or counters popular theory and rhetoric, and that is the angle from which all Pack Lunch articles are written. In a time when anyone can post their thoughts and opinions on the internet for all to see, one has to have a basis for weeding out questionable material. Many look to DVM degrees and other credentials, which is a great start. That oftentimes means a one-sided view, however. While I have not pursued institutional laurels when it comes to the subject, what I offer is dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and experience. I have worked in the natural pet food industry, and have had the opportunity to both share my knowledge with veterinarians and other healthcare professionals over the years, as well as learn from them. I do encourage every reader not to take the information on Pack Lunch (or any other website) at face value, but to check facts and use their own critical thinking skills and common sense to reach conclusions and make decisions that are practical for themselves and their pets.

 Using Pack Lunch: Pack Lunch is a network of articles written as blog posts within this WordPress-powered site. There are several ways to find what you’re looking for: The ‘categories’ section on the top right of most pages contains a list of articles divided by main subject. Probably the most helpful is the INDEX menu in the navigation bar at the top of the page. The tag cloud has the 45 top tags used, too. Please feel free to leave your comments and questions on posts where it is allowed. The Facebook page is also a great place to share thoughts or ask questions (privately or publicly), and when you “like” the page it lets me know I’m reaching people. That, in turn, encourages me to keep writing and making images. (CLICK! TREAT! R+ training works on me, too.) I’ve also set up a Pinterest account with lots of pins to look at and share.




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