Once upon a time the “links” section was probably the best thing about this website — I’ll admit it. Over the years URLs have become outdated, and a lot of my favorite links going back years I have incorporated on the pages of Pack Lunch. In 2015 I discovered Pinterest, and that has become the place to share awesome outside websites and journal pages with you folks. Therefore as of February 2016 I’m removing all the actual links from this page and ask that you route to the Pack Lunch Pinterest page for dozens more links and cool things that might be of interest. Everything current that used to be here is represented there now. Thanks!

If you’re looking for specific raw feeding info and resources like how to get started or where to ask questions please see the post, Read About Raw: Links and Recommendations.

Pack Lunch Links (image: Bones the cat says "less about links, more about food")


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    1. Alpha Kitchen Wolf Post author

      Hi Alanna, in late 2009 I replied to a Kijiji ad posted by an individual who had been maintaining a small herd just outside Saskatoon, where I was living at the time. He had decided to move back into the city and was offering whole animals for a great price and I took him up on that, which got me an adult male — meat, bones, and organs that lasted a LONG time. All I had to do was clean, dress, and butcher the whole thing!

      When I lived in Calgary there were a few suppliers in Alberta who sold elk meat, bones, and organs packaged and sold specifically to raw feeders who sold thru the natural pet food store where I worked, notably Nature’s Premium:

      Whether securing wild elk meat or purchasing products from ranched elk it’s a GREAT source of food. If you live in an area where elk naturally live you can establish links with local hunters to secure inexpensive meat. You can also try and develop a relationship with game processors during hunting season. Some are willing to give away scrap, though in some places that is against the law.

      Thanks for posting your question! If I can help more specifically regarding your locale please let me know!


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